Fashion? OOTD? Black & White? If you love all of these mentioned, better continue reading this blog and pretty sure we’ll get along!
Kind of different from my last blogs which were about Photography – in related to fashion, this time I’ll be sharing some of my favorite OOTDs. If I’ve been well receiving good responses from my captured photos, unexpectedly as well as on my wore-outfits or simply what you called the “OOTD”. Without further ado, let’s get started:

1. OOTN meeting with your friends

Here is a simple night outfit or what you called the OOTN. I am wearing a specs which was borrowed from a friend (hehe). A plain black shirt which again was borrowed from my brother this time (he he). And a plain white half pants. I’ve also been loving wearing half pants lately. And a white sandals from Parisian. Just a simple outfit if you’re meeting with your friend.

2. Simple yet expens

ive-look outfit

The next one looks pretty much. Here I am wearing this kind of hat, I don’t know what do you call this hat but I love this. And by the way again I just borrowed this hat from my cousin this time. Additional fun fact, I only actually borrowed this one during the time of capturing my outfit to complete this simple yet expensive-look outift. Okay, move on – for the top I am wearing a sort of half sleeves navy blue with a tie-ing thing at the tip. And for my favorite short which is this high waist black short with a 6 buttons design on it. Simple as that. Lastly for my shoes I’m wearing my Kswiss’ white shoes with pink stripes on it. This outfit only looks expensive but these outfit-fashion-things aren’t that expensive tho.


This is the outfit I wore when we went to Zambales for a Youth Camp. I entitled this PINKITE simply because I combined PINK and WHITE lol obviously. Pink has become one of my favorite color not until now for I found it very girly and I don’t like being too much girly tho. So back to the topic, I honestly think Pink and White matches well. For my top, I am wearing a white sleeveless with a thick collar on it which does I love. And again, a pink half pants. Another fun fact again, this half pants of mine is just actually a DIY. I just cut my pink pants into half because again I just realized that I kinda hate pink. And okay, for my shoes I’m wearing my favorite white Keds.


From the title itself, this is obviously one of my best-fave OOTD. I wore this the day when we’re about to leave Zambales (sad, I miss the place already). For my top, I’m wearing a semi-crop denim blue that has again a tie-ing something at the bottom of it. And another favorite pants of mine which is this black high waist pants. For my shoes again I’m wearing my white Keds since it’s the only shoes I brought in Zambales.

5. Black n White

Last but not the least is this simple outfit. A simple plain white top with a Panda on the pocket on the right side. To be honest, this was again a borrowed one from my friend ㅋㅋ and my favorite black skirt and again my Kswiss shoes. Black and white really matches well, no doubt. Not just in fashion but in everything.

These would be all. I still have lots of my favorite outfits but most of them aren’t captured or I don’t have a picture of my OOTD using the other outfits of mine. But still, I’m glad that I’ve finally share this as what I’ve mentioned on my Instagram post the last time, I might share my favorite OOTDs and here it is~ If you just noticed here I applied the OOTD-Shot for an Instagram Photo from my last blog (if you haven’t read yet my Instagram PhoTips better read it on how I took pictures of this).

I hope you guys like this blog. Comment down below, which outfit of mine is your favorite? Don’t forget to keep passionate and share what’s new ~



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