Instagram PhoTips

It’s been almost a weeks! Following my last blog which was an Instagram feed Ideas, this time this blog will be some of my own tips on taking a good pictures for Instagram or let’s called it my Instagram Photo Tips. I would love to share these tips of mine for the good responses of my Instagram Photos and I hope again I can help at least specially for newbies on Instagram. This time, I have 4 things to discuss;

1. Subject

2. Scenery


4. Flatlays



If you have one subject obviously a FOCUS is a must and it’s really an important one. I won’t further explain this one for this is very self-explanatory. This is somehow connected to the SUBJECT ANGLE topic from my last blog.


I will say this again; Everything in your frame matters a lot. In taking a scenery, a nature is the best example – giving an angle for your photo would be the best. If you can’t find any angle, you must see first everything that surrounds your frame if that matters or if that would help your photo look the best.


This one is my favorite. In taking OOTDs, a clear or plain background would be the best. You can take picture of your outfit without exposing your face – I think that would look better. More likely a mirror shot that hid your face to see more of the details of your outfit – that is the most important one in your OOTD, take note that the details of your outfit matters a lot and that can be seen clearly. If you’re a small and you want to look tall enough, you can have the under shot and I think this shot has been one of the best shot or angle to use – see those OOTDs from Koreans because honestly I also got well these ideas from their OOTDs and it actually looks so good.


Last but not the least. This has become one of my favorite lately when it comes to Instagram photos – taking flat lays. Don’t have enough budget to go to any other places to take some new photos for your Instagram? No problem sweetie, flatlay is the answer. Everything in your home literally everything, you can use them for your flatlay. But be sure that the items in your frame are somewhat connected. If you have new items like make ups, new outfits or foods, you can take them. If you feel like your frame looks empty, you can add some items like your lap top, denims or anything that would make your frame better (see my featured photos and my Instagram photos).

That would be all. I hope I help again this time. If you have used any tips of mine just comment down below and I would really really appreciate a person if someone uses to. I hope to meet you guys later and don’t forget to keep passionate and share what’s new ~


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