Instagram Feed Goals

As a continuation of my last blog and as promised for some Filter Ideas, here are some tips that you can use well most specially suitable for your Instagram feed if you’re an Instagram-er like me. The best application ever to must use will be no other than the “vsco”. I bet you’re already familiar with this application or you heard this one already since everyone really uses this specially people on Instagram who’s having or maintaining their feed on Instagram simply for their “feed goals“.

    Hyperbeat 2 (HB2) is the best filter for a dark feed
    Sunlight / light is the most important (as usual)
    – Using any black or dark background would be better
    Adjustments will do (more negative exposure same as saturation, positive contrast will give your photo more lively)
    Analog 6 (A6)
    – A photo must be neat well
    – Obviously best with colorful things
    – Best with flatlays as well!
    Analog 6 / Hyperbeat 2 (A6 / HB2)
    – Best with a neutral picture that is not darker nor even lighter
    Analog 6 (A6)
    – Of course a bright and neat picture is a must
    – If a dark feed needs a black background, obviously in light feed white background is needed and that would make a photo better, with a clear well background
    Analog 6 (A6)
    – Suitable to any type of photos
    – This is a neutral filter that’s not that darker nor even lighter

That would be all the only tips I can give since those were the only fives I’ve recently used. Since people been giving me feed backs lately that my feed is nice, I decided to blog this one. I hope I help you guys out there specially if you’re just starting a “feed goals” in your Instagram. Please comment down below if you have used any tips of mine I would be happy if someone tried.

I hope to meet you guys later and don’t forget to keep passionate and share what’s new ~


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