If you’re a photographer, you don’t JUST take pictures like that, obviously in a way that you don’t care about the angles, you don’t care about the lighting, you don’t care about your subject, the focus if that looks good specially if that is a person. Of course you must care about everything, literally EVERYTHING. Because for me, everything that captures inside your frame matters a lot.

Here are some tips in taking a good photos especially if you’re just using a phone just like me. DISCLAIMER, Yep I’m not a PROFESSIONAL photographer, yes I’m just using a phone in taking photos. I know no one even ask me from my tips or from how I take photos but I just want to share what I know since this is my OWN blog and I can share whatever I want. Okay, let’s get started:

I only have 3 things to point out in this topic, and I think these are the most important ones when it comes to photography plus the BONUS one which is using of Filter;

1. Camera

2. Lighting

3. Subject Angle (Focus)

BONUS: Filter



This not that most important thing but part of photography of course you must have a camera, not JUST a camera but a GOOD camera. Phones can be use in photography but needs to have a GOOD QUALITY of the cam. I personally think Iphones and Samsungs were good enough in taking photos. Currently, as what I’ve mentioned before and will mention again, I am just using a phone in photography and the brand that I am using right now is SAMSUNG Duos. Although it’s not the other model of Samsung which has a better quality of the camera, I honestly think Samsung Duos’ quality is enough to take good pictures. You can see how good photos were taken by visiting my Instagram. (PS: Photos featured in my blogs were some of the good photos taken by SAMSUNG Duos)


This one is VERY important when it comes to photography. I would say, it is the MOST important thing. Every photos must be taken or seen clearly. That is why LIGHT is important. You don’t need to buy those light stands that professional photographers use, sunlight is enough. Sunlight was one of the best light ever to use if you’re taking a picture. But what if the sun goes down already? No problem. Your lights in your house (those lights from the ceiling) isn’t the answer. Things like emergency light, your lamps, any flashlights that can be use are good enough to use. These were actually the things that I’m using whenever there’s already no sunlight to support the picture that I’m taking.


Subject Angle is more likely finding the best angle of your subject. You must have the best angle for your photos for the people to have an interest already from viewing your shots. Take this one also as one of the most important thing in photography. Specially the focus. If you really do have a ONE subject, FOCUS is VERY important.


Bonus is choosing the best filter for your photos. If your photo;

have so much sunlight – I would say a dark or a light (but not that with so much exposure) filter would suit them

is colorful – definitely a pastel one

is clean / clear – a light filter for this one

Anyway I will further explain more about the filters that have been mentioned for my next blog which is my “Instagram Feed Ideas”. I will end the blog here, I hope whoever read this blog have learned tho a little, that would mean a lot to me ^^

Please comment down if you love photography or if you have any photography tips that I haven’t mentioned yet.

Don’t forget to be passionate of your dreams and share what’s new. Bye~


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