I was so busy lately as you guys can tell I didn’t update yesterday which should be my after-a-day routine in updating a blog. There are lots of things to do which I must finish as soon as possible so that I can’t be busier the next days and won’t worry much more from school works. Assignments, reports, even practice for a dance for a presentation all at the same time these are what I’m doing just recently. Almost everyday we would have different home works which I am or we aren’t used to since it’s not the same as before. Hopefully our teacher really still even have a “chill” from giving us school works that stresses us so much. We are basically definitely technically literally stuDYING.

Since I was so busy lately, I can’t manage my blog well as well as even my Instagram (_leyashv) and can’t update that much. I decided to update only once a week I guess it would be every Wednesday. Actually I found it hard updating thrice a week. If I still continue doing that routine so, I might run out of ideas that I might blog for even longer days passed so that’s why I decided to blog once a week or maybe at least twice.

Also I’m running out of my own photos to be featured as well. I have already some photography things to blog out there but there’s no decided yet a photo to be featured; of course as an aspiring photographer and a blogger I must well organized my own site.

This is just an update for my blog, hope you guys understand. See you guys more later. xoxo ~


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