Which One?

Vlog or Blog. These two were one of the things that I want to do. Vlogging needs to have a good camera, lighting, confidence, specially TIME (because editing and filming you know it really consumes LOT of time) and almost everything. But in blogging, you just only needs your presence sensible mind or how you share your stories to other people. A concept in a simple word. And since I don’t know how to start a Vlog, I decided​ to go to blog.

Writing was one of my favorite thing to do. Whenever I don’t know what to do with my life, I’ll just write something, sometimes even a stories, a songs, or a poem. Disclaimer, I’m not a good writer, I just know how to write and I would like to.

This time, it was upgraded. I don’t need to write using a piece of a paper and a pen, all I need is to type – and this is what we called “blog”. Not will I write some stories, songs or poem but my thoughts. Mostly basically my thoughts and some shared new stories of mine and just my own ideas and will be more on Photography I think since it’s one of my passion.

Thinking a niche or your own platform or concept is hard, really. You must really know the thing that you like or should I say your passion. Blogging let us at least follow our passion by sharing our knowledge about it. I would like to share them through this. I honestly think blog or blogging was one of the best idea/way to express yourself specially if you’re an introvert as me.

Twitter might be one of the way too to express yourself well, but I do think it was too mainstream already. In the blog world, it’s just your own world, the writer’s world and the people with their passion.

I would say, blog was really one of the best way, and the best thing to do in terms of expressing yourself.

If you can’t express well yourself to others, why not start a blog now?


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