How could I forget?

March 05, 2017. 17 years of existence. Another life has been added. New challenges are about to come.

It was my birthday at the same time the last day of my father being here in the Philippines since he needed to go back from his work on Abu Dhabi. Didn’t really thought or expect that he’d give me some extra money and will even bought a cake for me because during that time, I am lowkey mad at him, we are lowkey have some distance on him I mean, we aren’t interacting with him that much like the usual before for he had done something not good in our family.

I blew out the candle from the cake that may father bought for me when he already flew back to his work. I blew it it with my eldest brother, little sister and together as well with my mom. I am already contended in this simple kind of celebrating my birthday.

March 06, 2017. Before this day came, I told my friends that I will treat them at a one fast food chain when Monday comes. So here it goes, Monday of March 06. We all attended school as usual. Our one subject dismissed quickly so we immediately leave the school to eat for lunch. When we were outside already, then I saw one of my friend was hiding something. I was so curious about that. I tried to get it from her but she resist. So I tease her by saying that could be a love letter or a gift from one of the guy in our school that likes her and so my friends started to tease her too. But she really is trying to hide it and keep it from her bag until one of our friend told us that she’s going to pee. So we all came back at school and then go to the comfort room. But when we were there already, 3 of my friends got that something that one of my friend is hiding and then went to a cubicle ALL TOGETHER with the 3 of them. I was about to follow them too inside but they quickly closed the door, so I felt disappointed that it seems like they were hiding something that is a secret from me. After that time, we already thought of going to fast food chain and treat them. I was about to treat them fries with coke float but what just happened earlier made me decided to treat them ONLY fries because I really really felt disappointed at that time.

The moment we reached the fast food chain, three of my friends decided to go to the comfort room first AGAIN and so one of my friend went together with me in the counter to order. Upon waiting my friends, the three of them suddenly called the friend that I am with so I was left alone and I feel so lonely that time.

But… The moment they came back at our sit with all together of them brighten up my day. They came back with some gifts for me and balloons that says “ASH” (featured photo on my last blog) with their big smiles singing “Happy Birthday” to me. I was so so so surprised. I felt really touched and I feel so special that time because that was the first time I received a “surprise”. Aren’t they sweet? ❀

And guess what, that something that one of my friend was hiding was actually those letters that they made for the “bottle letter”. Hilarious.

So they gave me a bottle with letters inside on it, a small stuff toy which face was my favorite emoji that has sunglasses on it (😎) and the balloons with “ASH” letter, a portrait of me (see on my Instagram: _leyashv) and the most effort that I really appreciate and received is the explosion box that they made.

I could say, that was one of the most memorable and at the same time the sweetest thing ever that happened from these past years of my life’s existence.

How could I forget?


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