Since I was so busy lately and couldn’t make another blog, I decided to just make or share some facts about me:

1. I am a Born Again Christian. I’ve been also a part of some Vacation Bible Study as one of the teacher (yep, I love teaching).
2. I am shy and a quite person. But expect me from being crazy whenever I am with my friends.
3. I so love photography. Obviously that was my passion (as what I blog before).
4. I love color black and is obviously my favorite color. Personally I think it is the best taste and color in fashion.
5. I love fashion as well. Recently I opened a blog about fashion but delete it immediately since I can’t handle it well properly.
6. I love Kpop. I am a multi-fandom kpop fan (MeU, SONE, EXO-L, Pink Panda and Buddy). PS: I miss f(x) so much 😢
7. I wear often a resting B face. So bare with me.
8. I hate trusting people that would lose my trust.
9. I am a hardworking person when it comes to my study and as well to reach my dreams and goals.
10. I love making friends in social media or let’s called it “Internet Friend

That’s the only 10 facts I can give. It’s for you guys to know me more too as well, hehe. I hope I can share a lot more blogs in the future. See you guys later! xoxo~


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