Beautiful Day, Beautiful Life

Bautiful sky, so as life it was Him who made every beautiful things in life it was a relevant thing to treasure Seeing how beautiful sky is reminds us how beautiful life is. At the end of the day, you’ll have a deep sigh, and remember how you made it! This beautiful sky is actually […]

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My Secret

Lately was busier than I thought. Unending school works almost stresses me out. But gladly I have God as the center of my life which has been motivating me and that leads me to finish the tasks that was given to me on time. That was the first secret – well I only have two. […]

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Happy Lovely Drops

drops, drops, drops a sudden rainfall comes drops, drops, drops as her birthday comes it was a lovely rainy day tho it rained, it was filled by jollify lovely lilac made her day that made the day classify happiest birthday to my friend Jaja! 🎈 xoxo

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It’s been a longggg time. I knew it. It’s been almost a month since I’ve updated the blog (I’m more updated on Instagram, you guys can check it and follow me there!). Talking about Instagram, I’ve recently opened a new account – an account which will be all about the photos that I’ve captured through […]

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My 1st Love

“you’re cute, so sweet ~” these are the words that I can describe you. words that I can only say towards you. About year 2013 when I first saw this girl. She has a long hair before but decided to cut her hair for the sake of his favorite guy just to enter the school […]

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Ignore. Continue. Slay.

Do you ever wore something that is not usual to everyone from what you are? Something that looks simple for you but for everyone it is something that you would go to other places far from where you are already or simply something that is too extra presentable for everyone? Do you ever heard a […]

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Fashion? OOTD? Black & White? If you love all of these mentioned, better continue reading this blog and pretty sure we’ll get along! Kind of different from my last blogs which were about Photography – in related to fashion, this time I’ll be sharing some of my favorite OOTDs. If I’ve been well receiving good […]

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Instagram PhoTips

It’s been almost a weeks! Following my last blog which was an Instagram feed Ideas, this time this blog will be some of my own tips on taking a good pictures for Instagram or let’s called it my Instagram Photo Tips. I would love to share these tips of mine for the good responses of […]

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Instagram Feed Goals

As a continuation of my last blog and as promised for some Filter Ideas, here are some tips that you can use well most specially suitable for your Instagram feed if you’re an Instagram-er like me. The best application ever to must use will be no other than the “vsco”. I bet you’re already familiar […]

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If you’re a photographer, you don’t JUST take pictures like that, obviously in a way that you don’t care about the angles, you don’t care about the lighting, you don’t care about your subject, the focus if that looks good specially if that is a person. Of course you must care about everything, literally EVERYTHING. […]